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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Starting Preschool

School has started up very slowly and gently.  So far we have gone on a few field trips and had four days doing book work.  We continue to read books together and we do tons of crafts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Indian Echo Caverns

We have started off our school year with a few fun field trips!  We went to the Philadelphia Zoo, Gettysburg, and now we have added Indian Echo Caverns to the list.

We decided to meet up with a friend, Drew, (who is a cool dude and I forgot to mention that we were meeting up to him so I am really sorry!) to go spelunking in Indian Echo Cavern, just like Minecraft. To be honest, I don't remember most of what the guy told us during the tour, but here are a few things I learned.
  •  It is old
  • The Pennsylvania Hermit lived in the caves for a while
  • Don't touch the walls because our oils do something bad to them
  • It is a constant 52 degree temperature in the caves
  • It is *very* dark when they turn the lights off
  • Native Americans probably used the caves for a natural refrigeration, and winter protection
  • It isn't a good idea to promote your store in a cave
It was a very interesting tour and I would do it again sometime. What I came away from the day thinking was how beautiful our world is. This seemingly boring cave has so many beautiful structures inside. It was quite breathtaking.

The family with Drew, outside the opening of the cavern.

Because I forgot to write about meeting up with Drew last week, I will write him this beautiful haiku to make up for it.
Every time I hear
a donkey lick a rabbit,
I will think of Drew.
 I hope you have enjoyed this Drew-ed edition of our Summer Adventures!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CCM Visual Board

One part of our home school curriculum is a co-op we go to called Classically Catholic Memory. It is similar to Classical Conversations, but it is based on Catholicism instead of Protestantism.

I joined the program last year, but with the birth of my third baby, I didn't do much of the memory work with Sebastian.  He enjoyed the co-op and has made some good friends there.  He even enjoyed the material, but he just didn't have the memory work memorized. We decided that this year, we are going to try harder to get the memory work in both of our heads.

The program helps you memorize the information by reading it and listening to it on audio CDs. I decided to help further by making a visual aide to reference each day. This Tuesday, I tackled the making of a visual board!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Things This Weekend

We have been having an fantastic summer so far. We have gone on many adventures as a family (or most of a family, since Daddy has to go to work).  Our adventures have included a trip to the cabin, Gettysburg, an epic water balloon fight and many more fun adventures. It has been an amazing summer and the kids and I have been breathing in these summer days and nights.

Three Things Thursday

This weekend we have even more fun in store for our summer adventures.  Today I want to tell you about three things we are planning on doing.


1. FRIDAY: We are going to Indian Echo Caverns!  Sebastian loves Minecraft, and this is the closest we can get to spelunking.  I am not entirely sure if the baby and I will be going down into the caverns, but at least the older two will enjoy this time with Daddy.  

2. SATURDAY: Last week we adventured in Philadelphia and hit up the "local" Ikea store for bunk beds. This weekend, my husband gets the honor of building it.  I get the honor of taking out all the clothes and telling my dear hubby where I want the furniture. I think I get the better part of the deal with this.

3. SUNDAY: There is an observatory not too far from us, and they have public viewings every Sunday in the summer.  If the kids behave and the skies are clear, we are going to go and check out the heavens with the telescopes that are provided. Both Mars and Saturn should be viewable

So, what are you doing this weekend?


Thursday, June 26, 2014

My 3 Favorite Summer Things

http://heidi-strawser.com/3-things-ive-accomplished-this-week/Summer is here!!!  I love the summer. Here are just three reasons why (and I have so many more) :

1. Birthdays!

Sebastian just turned seven this week. Time sure does fly by. Wasn't he just two years old yesterday? His birthday marks the beginning of summer for me. His birthday party is a great way to jump start the fun of the summer sun. This year we did a Minecraft party. Oh, I can't wait to share some of the photo booth pictures we took (but we haven't edited them yet, so you and I will just have to wait a bit for that)

Also, I am turning 31 years old in less than a week. I get as excited for my birthday now as I did when I was seven. I love cake and feeling special and everything about a birthday. My birthday means that good sweet corn will be ready soon.

2. Anniversary!

My husband proposed to me in the summer and then we were married in the summer. Love love love! We usually go away for a weekend, just the two of us, but this year we have a new baby that needs me so we are planning on just a date instead. This will be our first date since Miles was born in February (and he is also going to be a third wheel, silly baby!)

3. Tigerlilies!

When I was born my parents did not have much money.  My father couldn't afford a "push present" or flowers for my mom.  Instead of buying anything, my father took some tigerlilies that were growing along the side of the road in to me and my mom. Isn't that sweet? It is a short and simple story, but that is why the tigerlily is my favorite flower.  The first man I loved brought me flowers the day I was born (or the day after- I don't actually remember). I have had a life-long obsession with the tigerlily.  They are my favorite flower.  When I was planning our wedding, the only thing I demanded were tigerlilies in my bouquet. When we bought our house these first thing I planted were some tigerlilies by my mailbox. Over the few years we lived here I have also transplanted some by the side of my house and in the back. They are starting to take over, and I love it!